Sam Bostein

Samuel Botstein is a composer, performer, and sound and instrument designer based in Los Angeles, California. Botstein is known for his experimental and electronic music and performances on trumpets, turntables, and synthesizers.  Botstein studied at Interlochen Arts Academy and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College.

Skylar Chen

Skylar Mengyuan Chen studied Music and Statistics for her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. She had composed music and designed sounds for games, musicals and dramas before coming to CalArts. As a composer and programmer, she is interested  in Virtual Auditory Display and Voice Synthesis technologies. She is also working on Udacity’s Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree in her spare time.

Danny Hynds

Danny Hynds (b.1984) is a composer, writer, director, and performer from Decatur, Illinois. His work explores a wide range of interests, including the psychological elements of the horror genre, surrealist writers of the early 1900s, and the intersection of experimental jazz and 20th century holy minimalism.


Parches (Mexico City, 1989) is a composer, producer, and multimedia artist working under the name Ensō Collective. Ensō consists of an international network of artists and designers collaborating in different configurations in a contingent manner. Within the network, Parches assembles elements both original and appropriated to create collages in various forms from pop songs to Internet art.

Thomas Sturm

Thomas Sturm is composer, computer musician, and sound artist from Houston, TX. His music involves computers, space sounds, homemade instruments, and graphic scores. Current projects include a series of works where he pairs performers with his artificially intelligent synthesizer and a sound installation about dying on the internet.