Electronics Lab

In addition to access to the school of music’s electronic music studios, Experimental Sound Practices students have exclusive access to dedicated working space in the electronics lab. Lockable cabinets are available to students for storing creative projects and five dedicated soldering stations are available for working with custom electronics, circuit hacking and bending, and circuit design.

The WaveCave

The WaveCave is a gallery space located in the school of music that is exclusively dedicated to the presentation of student-created sound art and installations. ESP students have special access to the gallery for developing and presenting their own works and are actively involved in the day to day operations of the space. Check out the WaveCave blog for more information about current and past artist’s works.

Digital Recording Studio

The Digital Recording Studio is a professional-grade recording studio that ESP students have access to for the development of experimental sound works. The DRS is the primary recording studio for the school of music and is one of many activity hubs for ESP and Composition students at CalArts.