Jordan Bartee

Special Stage Systems was founded in 2011 by artist and experimental engineer Jordan Bartee. The company operates out of Seattle, WA, though with the recent establishment of the Soul Technology Division, Special Stage now employs various astral projection and remote viewing techniques to perform Important Work in neighboring dimensional localities.

Scott Cazan

Michael Deragon

Born in New Hampshire then traveling around to as many places as one can afford and finally landing under the fiery bleached out decay of Los Angeles, M.Deragon is a multimedia artist (visual.sound.text) exploring as many realms as he can find. He publishes poems, shows collages, scores films, plays in a band, writes songs and is in constant search of new ways to explore the emotive waves of the human condition.

Elisabeth McMullen

Elisabeth McMullen is a Lead Acoustic Researcher for Samsung Research America located in Valencia, CA.

Stephen Van Dyck

Stephen Van Dyck, a performance artist, is the founder of Los Angeles Road Concerts, the name he’s given to this event and three other similar ones, which have taken place since 2008 along similarly forgotten or unexamined stretches of San Fernando Boulevard in the Valley, Washington Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard (the most recent one). The series, one of a number of L.A. projects that are rethinking how to view and experience art, seeks to investigate and reclaim the often ignored or overlooked public spaces that line our public roadways in L.A. Over 110 artists answered an open call to participate in the intensive one-day only affair, ranging from established to emerging names.