Alumni 2012

Max Foreman · website

Max Foreman is a composer of electroacoustic music from San Francisco, California. Max has written music for live electronics, sound installation, fixed media, and instrumental ensembles. His electronic compositions work in the exploration of sound spatialization, granular synthesis, psychoacoustics and just intonation. Max's compositions have been featured at CEMEC in Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara and Mills College, STEIM in Amsterdam, and Crashspace in Culver City.

Dan Letourneau · website

Dan Letourneau has created sound-based music over the past 5 years under the alias Sophisticated Pills. He composes primarily for the studio and is interested in sampling, recording technology of yesterday and today, ambience, drones, and more. He received his BA in "Computer, Electronic, and Experimental Music" at Hampshire College. He was born and raised in New Bedford, MA, and all this sunny weather here kind of freaks him out.

Brian Saia

I breathe oxygen when I can. I eat carbohydrates when I can. I make love when I can. I travel forward through time on a constant basis. I make burgers on my grill. I am planning to enter oblivion when I die. I slowly come to realizations through slow chemical processes in my brain. That is the extent of my existence.

Jinku Kim · website

Jinku Kim is a musician based in Boston MA, whose work focuses at the crossover between art and technology. His work has recently stumbled upon micro-tonal composition and audio-visual realtime performances. He has been seeking a way to break the barrier between composition and performance with a motivation purely based on inventing ways to enjoy music whether conventional or unconventional.