Alumni 2010

David Casey · website

My first memory: being pushed in a stroller, touching the warmth of the sun through the leaves. Everything else in my life has flowed from the experience. I studied metaphysics, alchemy and nutrition with the great Ethan Depweg, and aspire to increase my bone density through meditation. The more I mind my bones, the stronger is my mind; the more I mind my mind, the stronger are my bones.

Sarah Marie Ibrahim · website

Sarah Marie Ibrahim is a graduate student in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media at CalArts. Her works include vocally driven electronic music, recontextualized opera, multi-media installations and sound and video design for live performance. She has performed at Issue Project Room (NYC), the Kitchen (NYC), Dangerous Curve (LA), Highways (LA), and LACMA (LA).

Naomi Lucille Kagaya · website

I was born in Gojome, Japan, and spent 10+ years of my life there. I have not spent more than four years in one place since then and am a perpetual nomad, seeking adventure. "Home" means more than one place, or a location   at all, for that matter. I hold degrees in Performing Arts Technology (BFA) and Digital Arts (MFA). My current artistic interests   are to integrate sonic and visual elements into interactive installations and live performances.

Gerhard Schultz · website

Gerhard Schultz lives in LA, making untimely observations and smiling senselessly.