KCET highlights Sara Roberts

Faculty Member Sara Robert's was asked to write about her work for KCET. This amazing essay is the result.


Liew Niyomkarn's album "Hue" is out


Current Student Liew Niyomkarn (2014) completed a new album of her unique electronic music earlier this year.  Now the album is available to listen to and for purchase online at bandcamp.  Link:


Anna Petrisko in Tom Tom Magazine

Current ESP student Anna Petrisko is featured in a new article in Tom Tom Magazine. You can read the article  HERE


Quartz Cantabile by Todd Lerew

The Quartz Cantabile is a new musical instrument that applies a method known to thermoacousticians for converting heat into sound. A ceramic honeycomb material called the stack is placed inside a tube closed on one end. The stack allows air to pass through its many channels, but effectively blocks the heat flow.