STEIM 2011 Documentation

For two weeks in October, four CalArts students went to Amsterdam to be composers in residence at STEIM. The residency was a workshop in hardware hacking, digital music programming, composition, and performance. At the end of the two weeks, there was a performance featuring hardware controllers, computer processing, and improvisation. The students involved were Jinku Kim, Heather Lockie, MaryClare Brzytwa, and myself, Max Foreman.


Here was our workspace for two weeks.

Preliminary setup.

Living quarters.

We consulted with Daniel Schorno about our projects.

The basement at STEIM contains many interesting synthesizers and handmade electronic instruments.

PPG 1020.

EMS VCS3 Putney.

Modified violin bow.

Developing my setup. I'm using contact microphones and found resonant objects.

Hard at work hacking and programming. My station on the right has contact mics attached to metal bars for live processing and sound triggering.

The venerable Clay Chaplin.

Continuing the contact mic theme.

The makings of Heather Lockie's viola controller.

MaryClare Brzytwa's flute controller.

My rehearsal setup, circa day 10.

Jinku Kim's patchable digital modular controller, in its Frankenstein phase.

The performance space pre-concert 

The recording of our final performance: